Terms of Service


Photographer is defined as images produced by Steve Sidell Photography. Client is defined as anyone purchasing or making use of images from Steve Sidell Photography. Photograph and Photography refer to the digital or physical prints produced from said digital images.


All of the photography on this site are Copyrighted to the Photographer and are the Exclusive property of the Photographer in accordance with United States Copyright Laws. The Client hereby waives any rights to intellectual property ownership, monetization, or reproduction of the images and footage created by the Photographer, with exception of the terms of any formal written releases provided to the Client by the Photographer.

Ownership of Materials

The Photographer maintains ownership of intellectual property.


Deliverables though this site are either direct digital downloads or physical prints that are printed and fulfilled by professional third party print studios. The physical prints are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party studio used.


Use of photography from this site is limited to personal usage only. For any commercial usage, please contact the Photographer for additional licensing options.

Digital Manipulation

Client agrees not to reproduce or modify the images or footage provided by the Photographer without first obtaining a formal written release signed by the Photographer.


Photography obtained by this site may be shared on social sites and with friends and family. For other non-commercial usage, please provide the Photographer, Steve Sidell Photography, with proper image attribution in the form of photo credit and appropriate copyright notice for the Photographer.


Issue due arise and the Photographer would like to address any and all complaint that arise. In order to do this, complaints must be raised with the Photographer within 14 days of delivery of the Photograph or Photography.


For physical prints fulfilled by the third party print studio, the return policy of the studio will be used. For all other return requests, please see above section on Complaints.


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